Here at Kaplans, our specialty and what we're truly known for is Ivan Kaplans hand crafted custom jewelry.  

Instead of wearing a designer piece of jewelry  Wear your own design!

It’s fun, affordable and we guarantee your satisfaction!

We make it easy to design custom jewelry!  Instead of drawing sketches that help you imagine what your finished jewelry will look like, we use a computer-based design system.  This system helps you visualize each detail, making changes easily and eliminating any concerns you may have about the process.  It’s the most accurate and creative way to design custom jewelry. 

      All Custom jewelry is made on our premises, the progression begins with a consultation, where we listen to your needs and transfer your ideas into a detailed rendering. 

Bring in photos, try on different styles of jewelry and look at other pieces we’ve designed.  We can integrate many different details, for a truly custom piece of jewelry.       

      We’ll provide you with an estimate, along with our personal guarantee of your satisfaction, so you’ll feel confident that the end result is exactly what you want.  

Our custom process allows you to customize and visualize every step of your pieces creation

Contact us to find out what a great value designing your own jewelry can be.


Kaplans has specialized in custom jewelry design for over 25 years.

    Remake any jewelry you no longer wear. 

 ♦   Rework outdated styles by resetting what you already have. 

    Keep the sentimentality of heirloom jewelry, while giving it a fresh twist.

    Trade-in broken and unworn scrap gold, making it more valuable than scrapping.

We pride ourselves on our quality and our reputation.

Call for an appointment, or stop in to meet our expert jewelry consultants and find out how affordable custom jewelry can be.  

Start building heirlooms that you will love to own and show to all your friends.


Custom diamond engagement ring

Handmade custom tennis racquet