The Ultimate Symbol of Romance and Love.

    For centuries, diamonds have been desired as symbols of magic, passion and success. These fascinating gems hold a mystery like no other material object. Billions of years in the making, they hold a deep romantic mystery that lies within the heart of every gemstone.  The name diamond comes from the Greek "adamas" meaning "invincible".  Originally thought to be “Tears of the Gods,” diamonds were believed to hold mysterious qualities and possess supernatural powers.


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Why should you buy your diamond at Kaplan’s?

Our diamonds have the wow factor!-

    Ivan Kaplan, owner and master jeweler, hand selects every diamond we sell, focusing on the highest quality and the best value for your financial situation. Most importantly, he selects diamonds with the best proportions in order to let the individual aspects of each diamond shine through to its highest potential. 

What makes us a different type of jeweler?
    You can trust that we will listen to your needs, educate, not push, and assist you in making an informed decision on what to purchase. You will view all of our diamonds loose, learn about the characteristics that make every diamond unique and then, after selecting the diamond that speaks to you, we will custom design a hand made setting, as individual as your relationship.

     All these specialized services are done on our premises and every diamond comes with our personal guarantee of its quality and your satisfaction.